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koolifornia asked:

could you pls explain the relevance of Louis' "got there in the end ..." tweet?


I’m going to copy and paste what I wrote yesterday about the L.A. trip.

Louis and Liam flew to L.A. on March 6, were papped. After Louis appeared in L.A. Harry stopped appearing in public. Louis got the arrow tattoo at Shamrocks and acted very happy while being papped. March 11 Louis and Liam are papped leaving L.A. After Louis leaves, Harry is seen out in public, with fans again.

March 12 Harry makes an extremely public appearance with the Azoffs.




Walks into a crowd of paps.


Why is this on the Craig’s homepage????????????
Also the actual photo saves to my computer as ‘paparazzi’ 

Tweets this:

I fully expect that Louis and Liam flew in to conduct business with the Azoffs. And then the very public appearance was the pay off of those meetings, or something like that.

Louis was very publicly in L.A. March 6-11. Harry made that very public appearance with the Azoffs on March 12. Louis tweeted the next day:

In late January Harry and Jeff Azoff had a joint birthday party. There was a photo of Jared Leto on that cake, somebody that Irving Azoff had gotten out of a very bad contract with his record label.


In late April, Harry poses with the same woman, Allison McGregor (who they work with through CAA).


and Jeff Azoff compared Harry Styles to Jared Leto:


And in sum, I think One Direction has aligned themselves with a MM competitor, the Azoffs, and Harry, Louis, and Liam were in L.A. March 6-11 (very publicly too) to work out business, and Harry’s posing with the Azoffs was the public declaration of ‘war’ (what we like to call the Big Gay War). Irving Azoff is powerful and has a track record of getting musicians out of bad contracts. But it took a while before they could publicly make that stand, and hence Louis’ got there in the end’.

The tit-for-tat struggle between 1D and MM has gotten increasingly intense since then.

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